Firefox Adds Wolfram Alpha to Google

From ChattahBox News Blog

A handy new add-on to Mozilla’s Firefox browser merges the brainy Wolfram Alpha search engine to your Google search engine. When performing a search, results from Wolfram Alpha’s search engine appear on the side of your Google page. This add-on is a great way to combine your more pedestrian, every-day searches with the more intellectual Wolfram Alpha search engine that actually answers… [read more].

Google Defrauds Advertisers, Report Claims

From InformationWeek

Google and its partners are turning traffic that advertisers would have received for free into paid traffic and collecting the proceeds, claims Benjamin Edelman, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School, in a report.

“Google and its partners systematically inflate advertisers’ conversion rates by interceding in transactions advertisers would otherwise have received for free… [read more]

Stephen Wolfram’s Introduction to Wolfram|Alpha

From wolframalpha

Building the ultimate computational knowledge engine is a highly ambitious and long-term project. The Wolfram|Alpha that you will get to start exploring next week is really just the beginning. Still, there are a lot of ways that you might use Wolfram|Alpha.

In this screencast, Stephen Wolfram gives a quick… [read more]