Google Wave Developer Blog: Introducing the Google Wave APIs

From GoogleBlog

Welcome to the Google Wave Developer Blog. This is a new blog where you can learn about the technical aspects of Google Wave, especially the Google Wave APIs and the Google Wave Federation Protocol. In this first post, we’ll walk you through the Google Wave APIs that have just been announced as part of the Google Wave developer preview release at Google I/O. Google Wave is a new communication and collaboration tool that lets people work together more productively online. If you haven’t already seen the demo presentation, please take a jump over to learn more about Google Wave… [read more]

Google, Destroyer of Markets


Is Google a source of creative destruction, or just plain destruction? I’d argue the former, although to companies whose industries are getting undercut by the Google juggernaut, the “creative” side of Google’s market-changing activities may appear out of reach. Google is steadily implementing a strategy, across many markets, of building services that sit right in front of the user, that act as gateways between the users and other online… [read more]

Google geeks shaking with excitement over this week’s Android surprise

From VentureBeat

Arrogance isn’t a word you would use to describe Andy Rubin and his team of engineers who build Google’s Android software for mobile phones. Rubin, who developed handheld gadgets for Apple and Danger before Google beamed him aboard, isn’t one to call his own work revolutionary. Until now. Four years after the Android project… [read more].

Google Considered Buying a Newspaper

Search engine giant Google at one time considered purchasing a newspaper, according to a new interview with Eric Schmidt, chairman and chief executive of Google. Speaking with the Financial Times, Schmidt admitted that his company had considered throwing its hat into the newspaper ring. Ultimately, the company demurred on any type of purchase, deciding it wouldn’t be right to cross the line… [read more]

Google Defrauds Advertisers, Report Claims

From InformationWeek

Google and its partners are turning traffic that advertisers would have received for free into paid traffic and collecting the proceeds, claims Benjamin Edelman, an assistant professor at Harvard Business School, in a report.

“Google and its partners systematically inflate advertisers’ conversion rates by interceding in transactions advertisers would otherwise have received for free… [read more]