Microsoft adds touch screen, Web browser to Zune

From BusinessWeek

Microsoft Corp. says the next generation of its Zune music player due out in the fall will have a touch screen, Wi-Fi Internet access and high-definition radio receiver.

The new device, called the Zune HD, will carry a full Web browser and a high-definition video output that will allow users to play files through a docking station on HD televisions, Microsoft said late… [read this].

Eucalyptus for iPhone Review

From Macworld

The Eucalyptus reader for the iPhone and iPod touch would have been a hit even if Apple hadn’t made its boneheaded initial decision to bar the e-book reader due to “sexually explicit content.” Apple came to its senses, and serious readers can rejoice in that decision. Eucalyptus is really, really good. It looks and feels the way Amazon’s Kindle app () should but does not. Eucalyptus by Things Made Out of Other Things is a client for Project Gutenberg’s library of nearly 30,000 titles, where readers can find… [read more].

Google geeks shaking with excitement over this week’s Android surprise

From VentureBeat

Arrogance isn’t a word you would use to describe Andy Rubin and his team of engineers who build Google’s Android software for mobile phones. Rubin, who developed handheld gadgets for Apple and Danger before Google beamed him aboard, isn’t one to call his own work revolutionary. Until now. Four years after the Android project… [read more].

Microsoft and the great netbook price-fixing scam of 2009

From InfoWorld

It’s the question vexing hardware vendors everywhere: How do they seize on the fervor and froth of the netbook craze without cannibalizing sales of their higher-priced, higher-margin notebooks? After all, if the current crop of netbooks can run the majority of users’ day-to-day computing tasks — and my recent personal experience with an HP Mini 2140 shows that they indeed can — then what’s to stop these same users from ditching their notebook habit altogether in favor of the lighter-weight and increased battery life of a full-time netbook…[read more].

Sun to connect billion with Java app store

From ZDNet

Sun is to launch a Java application store, chief executive Jonathan Schwartz has revealed. Currently code-named ‘Project Vector’ but likely to be called the Java Store, it was described by Schwartz as a “network service” that will connect companies of all sizes and types to the approximately one billion Java users found worldwide. “Vector… has the potential to deliver the world’s largest audience to developers… [read more]

Amazon S3 lets customers ship big data

From Macworld

Amazon’s S3 cloud storage service has a new option, called AWS Import/Export, for quickly uploading large amounts of information to its data centers. It uses a well-developed, multimodal content delivery network that can transmit terabytes of data faster than a T-3 leased line. The fact that this network is based on jets, trucks and messengers with walkie-talkies doesn’t make it any less useful to enterprises, many of which have been using… [read more]

Firefox Adds Wolfram Alpha to Google

From ChattahBox News Blog

A handy new add-on to Mozilla’s Firefox browser merges the brainy Wolfram Alpha search engine to your Google search engine. When performing a search, results from Wolfram Alpha’s search engine appear on the side of your Google page. This add-on is a great way to combine your more pedestrian, every-day searches with the more intellectual Wolfram Alpha search engine that actually answers… [read more].

iTunes on iPhone may get direct movie, TV downloads

New screenshots supposedly reveal that Apple is in the process of readying the iTunes Store interface for the iPhone to allow direct download access to movies, TV shows, and music videos. The new capability would be an added convenience for the increasing number of people who watch video on a mobile device, but holes in the story have us holding off on the excitement for now. The screenshots.. [read more]