The Myth of an Ever-Expanding Entrepreneurial Youth

From NYTimes

Are college students more interested in entrepreneurship now than they were 25 years ago? If you’re like most people — or if you’ve been reading reports such as this one or this one — you would probably say, “Yes.” And like most people,* you would be wrong — at least according to one measure. Data from the Cooperative Institutional Research… [read more].’s Demise: The Death of a Non-Product

From PCWorld

URL-shorteners are a feature, not a product. So the death of is hardly surprising. If it’s hard for Twitter and Facebook to make money, what hope do these utilities have? In searching out profitable niches, entrepreneurs regularly stumble upon ideas that seem valuable–like tools for shortening long URLs so they work with Twitter, SMS, and don’t get messed up in email–but can’t turn … [read more].

Serious Twitter Outage Ongoing, Denial Of Service Attack Updated

From Techchrunch

Twitter has been down for about 40 minutes now (since about 6 am California time), and counting. No word on their status blog about the outage at all (Update: they now say“Site is down – We are determining the cause and will provide an update shortly.”). See additional updates… [read more]