Wikipedia to Church of Scientology: You’re Banned!

The Web’s struggle with Scientology has been well-documented. Anti-scientology protesters have put out YouTube videos, attacked Scientology’s website, and organized worldwide protests as part of Project Chanology. Scientology has responded on the web with online campaigns of their own, but it looks like they took ita little too far for Wikipedia’s tastes. According to The Register, Wikipedia has banned multiple IP addresses related to […]

Amazon’s Bezos: Color Kindle Is Years Away

From ChannelWeb Direct from the Kindle King’s mouth: there’ll be no public Kindle sales data to chew on, and a color Kindle is years away. That’s the word from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who, although reportedly bullish on the Kindle at Amazon’s annual shareholder meeting Thursday, told investors at a question-and-answer session that Amazon will keep […]

Google Wave Developer Blog: Introducing the Google Wave APIs

From GoogleBlog Welcome to the Google Wave Developer Blog. This is a new blog where you can learn about the technical aspects of Google Wave, especially the Google Wave APIs and the Google Wave Federation Protocol. In this first post, we’ll walk you through the Google Wave APIs that have just been announced as part of the Google […]

Google, Destroyer of Markets

From CNET Is Google a source of creative destruction, or just plain destruction? I’d argue the former, although to companies whose industries are getting undercut by the Google juggernaut, the “creative” side of Google’s market-changing activities may appear out of reach. Google is steadily implementing a strategy, across many markets, of building services that sit right in front […]

Microsoft adds touch screen, Web browser to Zune

From BusinessWeek Microsoft Corp. says the next generation of its Zune music player due out in the fall will have a touch screen, Wi-Fi Internet access and high-definition radio receiver. The new device, called the Zune HD, will carry a full Web browser and a high-definition video output that will allow users to play files […]

Eucalyptus for iPhone Review

From Macworld The Eucalyptus reader for the iPhone and iPod touch would have been a hit even if Apple hadn’t made its boneheaded initial decision to bar the e-book reader due to “sexually explicit content.” Apple came to its senses, and serious readers can rejoice in that decision. Eucalyptus is really, really good. It looks and […]

Google geeks shaking with excitement over this week’s Android surprise

From VentureBeat Arrogance isn’t a word you would use to describe Andy Rubin and his team of engineers who build Google’s Android software for mobile phones. Rubin, who developed handheld gadgets for Apple and Danger before Google beamed him aboard, isn’t one to call his own work revolutionary. Until now. Four years after the Android project… [read more]. lets you tweet videos, astonishingly quick

From VentureBeat A San Francisco company has just launched, an easy way to stream videos when you tweet. But it does more than just let you link to a video when you tweet. It uploads the video in real time… [read more].

Hot Apple Rumors: 32-GB iPhone Almost Certainly A Go

From IT Channel News And Views Wait, it’s a 32-GB iPhone! No, it isn’t! No, wait again, yes, yes, it might be! With Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference mere weeks away, the rumor mill for its next-generation iPhone and iPod Touch software is chugging at breakneck speed. Earlier this month… [read more].

Microsoft and the great netbook price-fixing scam of 2009

From InfoWorld It’s the question vexing hardware vendors everywhere: How do they seize on the fervor and froth of the netbook craze without cannibalizing sales of their higher-priced, higher-margin notebooks? After all, if the current crop of netbooks can run the majority of users’ day-to-day computing tasks — and my recent personal experience with an HP Mini […]