The Myth of an Ever-Expanding Entrepreneurial Youth

From NYTimes

Are college students more interested in entrepreneurship now than they were 25 years ago? If you’re like most people — or if you’ve been reading reports such as this one or this one — you would probably say, “Yes.” And like most people,* you would be wrong — at least according to one measure. Data from the Cooperative Institutional Research… [read more].’s Demise: The Death of a Non-Product

From PCWorld

URL-shorteners are a feature, not a product. So the death of is hardly surprising. If it’s hard for Twitter and Facebook to make money, what hope do these utilities have? In searching out profitable niches, entrepreneurs regularly stumble upon ideas that seem valuable–like tools for shortening long URLs so they work with Twitter, SMS, and don’t get messed up in email–but can’t turn … [read more].

Serious Twitter Outage Ongoing, Denial Of Service Attack Updated

From Techchrunch

Twitter has been down for about 40 minutes now (since about 6 am California time), and counting. No word on their status blog about the outage at all (Update: they now say“Site is down – We are determining the cause and will provide an update shortly.”). See additional updates… [read more]

The One Character Block Comment

When debugging, I often find that I have to comment and un-comment a block of code several times during the process of trying to find out what’s going on. That used to mean typing and deleting comment block characters repetitively, but not anymore. Here’s a simple solution to that problem: Comment or un-comment an entire code block of code by typing or deleting a single character. [Read more]

Wikipedia to Church of Scientology: You’re Banned!

The Web’s struggle with Scientology has been well-documented. Anti-scientology protesters have put out YouTube videos, attacked Scientology’s website, and organized worldwide protests as part of Project Chanology. Scientology has responded on the web with online campaigns of their own, but it looks like they took ita little too far for Wikipedia’s tastes. According to The Register, Wikipedia has banned multiple IP addresses related to the Church of Scientology for extreme, one-sided editing in an attempt to remove Scientology criticism… [read more]

Amazon’s Bezos: Color Kindle Is Years Away

From ChannelWeb

Direct from the Kindle King’s mouth: there’ll be no public Kindle sales data to chew on, and a color Kindle is years away. That’s the word from Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who, although reportedly bullish on the Kindle at Amazon’s annual shareholder meeting Thursday, told investors at a question-and-answer session that Amazon will keep Kindle sales figures close to the vest and that a color version of the Kindle e-reader is still definitely in the… [read more]

Google Wave Developer Blog: Introducing the Google Wave APIs

From GoogleBlog

Welcome to the Google Wave Developer Blog. This is a new blog where you can learn about the technical aspects of Google Wave, especially the Google Wave APIs and the Google Wave Federation Protocol. In this first post, we’ll walk you through the Google Wave APIs that have just been announced as part of the Google Wave developer preview release at Google I/O. Google Wave is a new communication and collaboration tool that lets people work together more productively online. If you haven’t already seen the demo presentation, please take a jump over to learn more about Google Wave… [read more]

Google, Destroyer of Markets


Is Google a source of creative destruction, or just plain destruction? I’d argue the former, although to companies whose industries are getting undercut by the Google juggernaut, the “creative” side of Google’s market-changing activities may appear out of reach. Google is steadily implementing a strategy, across many markets, of building services that sit right in front of the user, that act as gateways between the users and other online… [read more]